Cats with high levels of energy vary between breed and age range of the cat. As expected a kitten can have up to three times more energy that an adult cat and keeping them amused and engaged can be a challenge. The alternative, if you don’t, can be a cat that learns to be destructive, thinking it’s just fun. They might scratch furniture or carpets, knock things off counter tops, chew or eat house plants, and in general direct their high energy towards things you’d rather they didn’t. That’s why you want to be organized when you have a high energy cat.

1 – Hyperactivity in cats can often be traced to boredom. When a high energy cat gets bored, it will often become even more hyperactive, playing out games it invents, such as chasing imaginary mice or birds, or just running around, bouncing off walls simply because there’s little else for it to do. To combat your cat’s boredom, play with it. Tossing a toy to your pet will rarely be enough. Get down on the floor and engage in some play, if only for 10 minutes, but longer if possible. Tying a small toy to the end of a piece of string, throwing it far away and reeling it in can provide endless amounts of fun for your cat. You’ll love it too.

2 – Don’t let your cat sleep all day. Cats are nocturnal animals – humans are not. If you let your cat sleep all day, it will be awake and probably bored all night. If it then engages in boisterous play throughout the night, guess who will not get enough sleep! It’s much better to have your cat playing throughout the day so that it feels sleepy and tired at night. Some high energy cats will still want to play at night, but if you provide your cat with soft toys to play with, that can often be enough to keep them going.

3 – To help avoid destructive behavior, create a fun play space somewhere in your house. Your den or great room is an ideal place for this. Gather all your cat’s toys into this space and always start off any play session here. Your cat will quickly associate this space with play, and will be able to shed any excess energy playing here at any time. A cat tree or scratching post is an essential item for this area. Combine the scratching post with a climbing tree so your cat can expend lots of built up energy here. If the top part of the tree is also a perch that overlooks the yard or garden, this will give your cat added reason to play here.

4 – Make meal time a scavenger hunt hiding food in various cubby holes and on the cat stand or any other areas you have setup for the cat to relax on while watching outside to see the birds and other animals. This time being a predator will mentally and physically challenge your cat and work off the excess energy. The added bonus is your cat will stay thin by working off its food while discharging the energy.

5 – Invest in a food puzzle toy for those times when you need some time alone. This type of toy is typically a ball-shaped toy that has small treats inside. Your cat has to work out the correct way to release the catch in order for the treat to be released. A treat will always be an incentive for your cat to keep trying to get it released. It’s surprising how long this kind of toy can keep a cat occupied – and how long you can get to have valuable time to yourself.

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