It is that exciting time of year when we are busy decorating, cooking and shopping. Paws for a moment to remember your pets to keep your Christmas merry and bright.

Your pet’s season eating should not include holiday greenery such as mistletoe, holly, lilies or amaryllis.

Look before you light! Before you light, be sure if you have birds they are not in the area. The fumes from lit candles can be harmful to them. And then the wagging tails can easily knock over a burning candle or your cat might become interested and try to paw at the flame.

O Christmas tree! Even the branches are a delight to our pets who find them good chewing. The decorations that are hanging are great for play so you want to be sure to place breakable ornaments high up, along with keeping tinsel and garland out of the reach of your pet.  And if you have a “flying” cat you might want to stabilize the tree using wires and securing the tree to the wall or ceiling. I have seen where people have put x-pens around the tree to keep the dog out but if you have a cat that does not stop them.

Keep batteries away from your pets. Packaged or loose!

Have a “stress” free room for your pet that might get stressed with all the hustle and bustle brought about with holiday guests.

Snow globes and bubble light contain poisonous chemicals. Keep them away from your pet!

Hope these tips help you and your pets have a very Merry Christmas!