If you have a dog, but your busy lifestyle makes it difficult to always find time to take your dog out for a walk, other than a quick necessary “toilet needs” outing, you should definitely consider hiring a dog walker. There are many benefits to be gained, both for you and your dog. Here are five of the main ones.

1 – Your dog needs regular exercise, just like any other animal – or human. A decent walk of at least a mile a day, and preferably more, will keep your dog in trim and prevent him or her becoming obese and unhealthy. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention claims that 54% of dogs in the USA are overweight. Sadly, most of them will develop health problems that can be directly linked to the lack of exercise.

2 – Your dog needs regular stimulation. Hiring a daily dog walker will provide your pet with stimulation. He or she will quickly learn that they can have fun at least once a day. Dogs are creatures of habit and they feel more comfortable when their daily routine stays the same. Dogs that have little to no stimulation in their lives can develop mental problems, just as humans can. A stimulated dog is happier and better adjusted all round.

3 – Your dog’s behavior will improve with a regular walking pattern. Excessive barking or whining, aggressiveness or chewing furniture can usually be linked back to a lack of attention with nothing meaningful to do. A dog that has a regular walk where scents and smells can be explored at leisure, with the chance to meet other dogs too, is usually a much better behaved dog. Most behavioral problems are the result of boredom and the lack of stimulation, all of which can be eliminated through a regular daily walk.

4 – Your dog will quickly associate a daily walk with toilet needs. This is especially important if your dog is quite young, or even quite old. Both extremes of age find it more difficult to hold in for long periods of time, and if you are away all day, little “accidents” on the floor might become increasingly common. This is not something anyone wants to come home to, and hiring a daily dog walker can prevent the problem arising in the first place.

5 – Your dog getting a regular daily walk when you hire a dog walker will give you peace of mind. You won’t feel guilty, sitting all day in your office, wondering what is happening at home. You will also know that your pet is keeping out of trouble, and leading a much more satisfying life.

There are other reasons why hiring a daily dog walker is a really good idea, but those are perhaps the main ones. Don’t worry that your dog might start to like the dog walker more than you. Dogs know who the boss is, but that doesn’t stop them liking others as well. If you treat your dog right when you have the spare time to do so, you will always be Numero Uno to a happy, contented and well-balanced pet.