Exercise Tips for Dogs

Dogs tend to be lively and active animals, especially when they are young, so it’s vital to provide your pet dog with ample exercise, even when it gets old. Plenty of exercise for your dog has many positive benefits. In old age your pet will be less likely to get diseases and will stay healthier for longer, thereby giving your pet a much more fulfilling life. You owe it to your dog to provide it with a life of exercise, and the following 5 exercise tips for dogs should be enough to get you started.

1 – A daily walk is a must. Aim for at least two daily walks of 30 minutes each, if possible, but more is always better. Don’t exhaust your dog, though. If you try to entice it out for its tenth walk of the day, don’t be too surprised if your pet slinks away under a chair or table. Make the daily walk a special occasion. In that way your pet will be excited an eager for the walk, and the resulting exercise will be natural and beneficial.

2 – Do you take your dog on the exact same route for a walk every day? Your dog will usually be happy enough doing that, but to add some spice into the daily routine, try varying the route. Or even better, try letting your dog decide where to go. Let him or her take you for a walk. Who knows where you might end up! This will provide excitement and plenty of valuable exercise in your pet’s life. Remember, the daily walk should be something your pet really wants to do, so don’t make it boring.

daily_dog_walker3 – Do you walk your dog, or run your dog? If you feel up to it, try running with your dog occasionally. Your dog will enjoy the thrill of running free, and the exercise he or she gets will be truly good for your pet. Don’t make it a continuous run, though. Let your dog stop and sniff a rock or tuft of grass every so often, if that’s what they want to do. That will add variety and interest to the outing. Don’t think of the occasional stops as a nuisance, but rather as something to keep your dog interested. After all, it’s your dog that is important here.

4 – If you don’t personally feel like exercising through walking or running with your dog, or perhaps you are unable to for whatever reason, then the old “throwing the stick” routine will work wonders for your dog. It doesn’t have to be a stick, of course; a ball will do just as well. Your dog will naturally love to chase a stick or ball, and then retrieve it. Your local park is ideal for this kind of exercise or your fenced in backyard. Be sure you have found a safe place and our dog is well trained if you let him off leash. You can also hire a dog walker to take your dog for the much needed walk!

5 – If it is at all possible, let your dog play with other dogs. You obviously don’t want them to fight, so choose the partner dog carefully. If you have a friend or neighbor who has a dog, that might be the answer. Dogs naturally play well together, and they get really good exercise doing so. too. And of course, you don’t have to do a thing but watch. Remember if you do have your dog interacting with another dog, it is important to watch them play.  Just like when kids play, things can get a little rough and they may need a break. It is your job to referee and keep things friendly.

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