A dog and a stuffed goat

(This isn’t me, but my dog, Kato!)

Today marks my two-year anniversary at Guardian Pet Sitters! So much has changed in the two years since I’ve started. Both my life and the company have changed for the better. I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself, your newest blogger!

When I started pet sitting two years ago it was just one of three jobs that I had. Now pet sitting is all that I do. I cover visits and I also take care of online marketing. I write for our newsletter and blog. It has really brought together all my interests. Plus it sparks my love of education. I get to do lots of research for everything that I write. Even though I love learning about everything pet related I have a passion for big dogs, and dog training.

If I’m not pet sitting, I’m playing with my dog, Kato. Or I’m being trained by my two cats, Angel and Sandy. I love spending time with my family, hiking, watching movies, and reading. I enjoy gardening and driving (which comes in handy as a pet sitter).

I know you are going to enjoy our blog, and if you have any tips, or suggestions for topics please leave us a comment! Thank you!