Kato breaking from watch duty.

Kato is taking a break from watch duty.

I’m one of “those” people. Kato’s favorite spot is sitting at the window, barking at passersby.

I let him do it too. Why?

Because I like people knowing that I have a dog and he has his territory.

Get near the house? Kato is going to bark at you. Ring the doorbell? He is going to bark at you.

When I first got Kato I was a single woman living in an apartment alone (with two cats). Part of the reason I got him was a little bit of security for me. It wasn’t the best part of town and I was suspicious of a few of my neighbors. He did a good job keeping my apartment safe. He is a little guy with a big bark!

He wouldn’t be a good guard dog if someone did make it through the door. He does let everyone know that this is HIS house while they are at the door. My hope is that this will change the mind of any potential intruder (or annoying salesperson).

I like having an “early warning” system. I know when my neighbors are coming and going, if there are any loose dogs on the street, when the mail has come, if I have any packages, and when there are squirrels in the yard. I don’t really care about the squirrels in the yard, but Kato thinks it is important to let me know.

Does he go overboard with the barking? Yes. There are times when he sees something extra interesting he gets going and going and going. Then I put a stop to it. But honestly, he is a dog. Barking is what he does!