Kato sleeping on the couch

Kato rests up before his play date.

Kato is one lucky pup. Working as a pet sitter keeps my schedule flexible so I have time to pop back home and let him out. On really busy days I have a list of people that will take him for a play date!

But what about those other dogs… the ones where mom and dad work all day, maybe the kids are back in school, they used to have someone home and now they are all by their lonesome! I always explain it like this: “Would you like to have to hold it for 12-16 hours?” Some dogs can hold it that long, but they would like to potty during the day. PLUS holding urine in their system for that long can lead to bladder and urinary tract infections!

Well, you could put in a dog door. That’s a good idea. Except… what if your dog decides to redecorate, bring the outdoors in, or the backyard is actually a really boring place and escapes! That is no good at all.

This is where Guardian Pet Sitters comes in. We offer midday visits! We come by your house, check to make sure everything is sound, take your dog outside to play, or out for a walk! Your dog will get some quality time with a person that loves animals and a little wee relief. We always make sure the house is secure and your dog hasn’t gotten into any trouble while you were gone. We are currently accepting new midday clients in Garland and Richardson, TX.

What does your dog do while you are at work?