Cat looking in the houseWhen you leave for vacation or business trips you make sure you lock the doors and secure your home. You think “everything will be okay”—will it?

Malfunctions with the home don’t just happen when you are there. In the 20 years Guardian Pet Sitters has been in the pet care business, we have seen more malfunctions with the home than we have had pet emergencies.

What can you do to really secure your home when you are away? We recommend you have a reputable company visit your home either daily or every other day to check on your house. It not only makes your home appear lived in but also means if there is an issue immediate attention will be given to resolve it.

Some of the services to benefit you and the security of your home:

  • Bring in the mail and any flyers on door
  • Bring in the newspaper and any packages left on the doorstep
  • Alternate lights and/or blinds
  • Water plants
  • Check on the pool
  • Monitor thermostat
  • Walk thru of the house to ensure all appliances are working or have not been left on accidentally
  • Check for leaking water

Some common situations that we have had to handle when caring for pets and homes:

  1. Drain clogged in the bathroom not allowing proper drainage from the air conditioner; water filled the sink and was found dripping in the garage. If situation had not been handled the ceiling would have fallen on the car in the garage and water would have damaged the house and garage.
  2. The number of hot water tank malfunctions we see is frightening. We had many different situations of this happening when we are in the home caring for the pets. We arrive to water coming out of the front door, hearing water running or noticing dripping from the ceiling in the master bedroom (hot water tank is in the attic).
  3. Sprinkler systems malfunction in the summer, flooding the client’s yard, neighbor’s yard, and the street.
  4. Refrigerators malfunctioning–spilling water on the floor in the kitchen and all the food is thawed and hot.
  5. Even with fish tanks and automatic feeders you can still have problems. We arrived at a house, opened the door, and were greeted with smoke. The automatic timer had malfunctioned.
  6. Air condition or heating system malfunctions.
  7. Alarm system struck by lightening.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone has been to your home and done a thorough walk-thru of your house and made sure you have not left on any appliances (curling iron, electric rollers, coffee pot, etc.) and ensure all windows and doors are locked?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if there was a malfunction with your hot water tank or plumbing the issue will get immediate attention?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if the weather drastically changes such as in the state of Texas where temperatures fluctuates greatly (60 ̊̊one day and 32 ̊the next) your thermostat would be adjusted to keep pipes from freezing?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if your sprinkler system was to malfunction, attention would be given so it would not disturb your neighbor or ruin your yard?

Isn’t it nice to know your home has a lived in look and your mail and newspaper has been brought in the house and is secure?

With our “residential” services you can have “Peace of Mind” knowing your home is being cared for. You would also know that if we arrived at the home and were faced with a situation we would immediately start resolving the problem.

There’s no better security measure for your home then a monitored security system in conjunction with daily home visits.

Your home needs someone watching over it when you are not there!