A boxer driving a car

Beneful? I’m outta here!

I usually try to avoid talking about dog food. Sometimes there are situations where the best food isn’t available for a dog (financially, etc.) but there is one brand…. one brand that just gets my goat.


Ugh. I can smell it already. That gross, chemical, artificial color, mostly corn and not even the good part of the corn smell. I know a lot of dogs that eat this junk. Or are forced to eat it. None of them get very excited about meal time. And I can’t blame them. I feel bad about feeding it to them! And the texture of it! It is so hard and crunchy. I’ve dropped pieces into a water dish and they’ve kept their shape! That isn’t normal!

I wonder if these dogs were fed better food what an improvement it would be. It doesn’t even have to be that big of a jump as far as dog food goes. In some cases getting people left overs might even be an improvement!

I’m not even getting into the cases of dogs suddenly dying after eating Beneful. Or the many many instances of serious illness and a general decline in health.

So if you feed your dog Beneful… please stop. It is just gross. If you can afford that then there are many other brands you could buy instead.