Meowing CatsIn December we received emails from the Dallas A-List that it was time for their contest! What was the contest—who can be named one of the best local businesses in the DFW area! Guardian Pet Sitters® participated in this several years ago and when it was over we placed in the top five. Not bad considering we didn’t follow through with the campaign. I learned a very valuable lesson which is what this blog is about.

During the campaign I saw how others in the running got their votes-they solicited on yahoo groups for pet sitters (and I am sure other lists they may have been on) and sent out massive emails almost daily (I was on one or more of the email lists). I fell into some of these gimmicks also. I sent out an email to our newsletter list asking for votes, and I personally sent out emails and even got business cards that I passed out when I attended meetings, asking for votes.

I recently was throwing out the business cards (we had a lot left as I didn’t hand out many) and the idea of the topic for this blog “What does it mean to me and Guardian Pet Sitters® to be the #1 in-home pet sitting company in the DFW area?”  Once I received the email that the voting had begun I knew it was time for me to write this blog.

When we participated in this campaign I didn’t feel comfortable asking people to vote for us. Why? I want us to deliver our customers the most excellent service and a great experience that they naturally want to tell others about.

I did enjoy what people said about us and was glad they wanted to comment when voting but it is not the same as when we get an email saying how glad they are to have found Guardian Pet Sitters®.

Until they come up with a #1 in-home pet sitting contest in which a high list of standards needs to be attained, we will bow out of the contest and work to be #1 with the clients who choose us because of our high standards.

For us we will not be soliciting your votes for #1 Dallas A-List but will cherish every time we hear from you that our service exceeded your expectations!