Summer is a time when many people take vacations or move. Of course when traveling we think leaving your pet at home with a pet sitter is the best option for your pet. However if you decide to take your pet with you on vacation or are moving here are some tips to help you travel with your pet.

Restrain your cat or dog by leash or carrier when going from the home (hotel) to the car.

Be sure your cat or dog have current I.D. tags with your cell phone number. It doesn’t do any good to have your home number as no one is there to answer the phone. Be sure the collar is on securely.

Pets should not be allowed to ride in the front seat. If you had to make a sudden stop the pet can be thrown into the windshield, or if the air bag was to activate the pressure could injure or kill your pet. If your pet tries to get into your lap they can create a distraction, fall down by the gas pedal or brake-any of which can cause an accident.

Pets should be secured in the car. Crates or sturdy pet carriers are an ideal way to restrain the pets. When pets are stressed they need a quiet place to rest. If using a crate it needs to be fastened securely in the car as you don’t want it moving around because it could flip over.

Dog seat belts are another option for your dog. Be sure they can lie down comfortably.

Let your pet know you are there by talking to them, reassure the nervous pet and let the behaving pet know they are being good. Play soothing music.

Bring dishes for food and water. Offer water during the trip but feed when you stop. It is recommended to bring bottled water as change in water can cause a pet to have diarrhea.

Bring the pet’s bed, crate mats or blanket for your pet to sleep on. You might even want to use a shirt you have worn for them to lie on to comfort them.

Do not let your pet stick its head out the window. They can get eye, ear or head injuries.

Be sure your pet is getting plenty of air either from a cracked window or air conditioning.

Don’t leave your pet in the car when you stop to go to the restroom or to eat when it is hot out. Hopefully you will be traveling with someone who can stay with the pet (car running) when you have to make a stop for the restroom. Bring a picnic with you and stop at rest stops to eat and take your pet with you. If it is cool out and you stop park where you can see your car at ALL times when eating.

If your pet is a dog it is good to stop every three to four hours and walk.

Carry a first aid kit, paper towels, a couple of regular towels and plastic bags. Be prepared if your pet was to be sick.

When stopping at hotels be sure to crate your pet whenever you leave the room.

Some people use different natural remedies or drugs to calm the pet when traveling.

Hope these tips will help you and your pet travel safely.