What is Tippy saying?

What is Tippy saying? Do you think he has an upset tummy?


Tips to Soothe Your Cat’s Sensitive Tummy

As a cat owner, it is hard to see your furry pet in pain or just not feeling well. Especially when they can’t tell us what is bothering them. It is up to us to be able to read their signs and symptoms and act accordingly. We are their caretakers and since they are unable to take care of themselves when they are ill we must be at the ready.

Cats have such sensitive digestive systems that it really does not take much for them to experience an upset tummy. Sometimes it can be as small as a piece of string they were playing with or a hairball. Other times they may have eaten something that just does not agree with them, similar to us humans. What can we do to alleviate their suffering and help them thru the tummy trouble stages?

Let’s take a look at a few tricks:

~ Try a bland diet. What seems to work really well for upset tummies is to cook some boiled chicken and rice. Feed a small amount to your cat and see how they do.

~ Go on a 24 hour Fast. Sometimes just allowing their digestive system to flush out the offending item in their bellies is all they need. Avoid feeding them for 24 hours. Give their digestive system a chance to rest. Adding more food to their tummy when they are already in distress causes the system to work harder. Ensure they are drinking water as they will need to stay hydrated.

~ Go Green. Let them nibble on some blades of grass. This may help them vomit which may remove the offending item.

If they seem to be in distress for more then a day, please take them to see the vet as there could be something more serious happening.