I recently took a 10 day vacation and got to experience what the clients of Guardian Pet Sitters experience with one of our trained, competent pet sitters. I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

I traveled with a couple of friends on a road trip to visit my family in Kentucky. We stopped the first night in Memphis to visit Graceland. With our busy schedules we left late afternoon and arrived late evening. First thing the next morning we had breakfast and then headed to Graceland. We were at Graceland from early morning until afternoon. Then back in the car for our last leg of the journey to Kentucky. We stayed in a hotel and did a lot of sightseeing in Kentucky.

I missed Chrissie, but was comforted to know she was home, being cared for while I was traveling. As a pet owner I had the thought “If I had just brought Chrissie with me.” But then I thought of how hard the trip would have been for her. Just stopping for dinner the first night would have been hard. Although it is spring, the temperature has been warm and it would have been too hot for her to stay in the car. When we arrived in Memphis she would have gotten a short potty break since it was very late and then we would have gone to bed. The next morning she would have gotten a walk but then she would have been in the crate to stay in a strange room for the next 6 hours while we were out sightseeing. Then back in the car for the rest of the journey to Kentucky.

Once we made it to Kentucky we would be gone for hours visiting family, touring horse farms, going to Keeneland and sightseeing. My thoughts would be, “I miss Chrissie and wish she was here”.  But then I would say to myself “I am glad Chrissie is home in her routine. It would not be fun staying in this hotel room by herself.” or “Chrissie would not have liked my young nephews. She would not have gotten much attention when I was spending time with them.”

Basically for Chrissie the trip would have been riding in the car for 12 to 14 hours and staying in hotels alone. Instead she was home, stretching out on her favorite chair, running in her backyard, letting the squirrels know where her territory was, or going for a walk in her neighborhood. She was the center of attention for the pet sitter. What more could a dog want!

I started this business 21 years ago because of my own needs when I traveled for business and had to leave Precious, my feisty Shih Tzu at home. It was because of her that I started Guardian Pet Sitters. I found out today the reason has not changed. Pets do like staying at home. I can travel without stress and worry! If you would like to travel without stress and worry about your furry companion, contact me. I know a great company who provides the kind of service I want for my pets!