Happy Valentine’s Day!

February is the month we celebrate “Love”.  Love means feeling affection for, adore, be devoted and to care for. We love our pets and that is why we want to provide them with the best care. A lot goes into giving our pets the best. Sometimes we overlook some of the simplest things we can do to show our pets our love. We have listed a few questions that are often overlooked that will help you in providing the love and care you want for your pets.

If you own cats:

Do you have one litter box per cat in your house?

Do you change out the litter box at least monthly (this means dumping out all the litter, washing the container and putting in the fresh litter)?

Does your cat have toys to play with and do they get exercise?

If you own dogs:

Do you make sure that your canine friend gets plenty of interaction with you (playing ball, going for a walk or just cuddling)?

Does your dog have toys to play with to stimulate their mind and keep them from being bored?

For both cats and dogs:

Do you keep your cat/dog’s coat brushed and free from mats? Do you keep their toenails trimmed to prevent catching on things or growing into their pads?

Do you take your cat/dog to the veterinarian for wellness checks and to have their teeth and gums checked?

Have you educated yourself on vaccinations, nutrition, and your pet’s health issues? Do you take an active role in their healthcare?

Do you feed your cat/dog the right food? Have you researched the food you need to be sure you are making the right choice?


We know how much you love your pet and how they adore you. We want to help you keep your pet happy and healthy!

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