Dog in a Santa HatIt is tempting during the holidays to go out and get that puppy or kitten that your family has been begging for,but before you do STOP! Think about all the changes that will happen in your household if you add a new member. Getting or giving a pet as a gift often ends tragically.  The pet is either neglected or surrendered to a shelter.  A few things to think about before you add to your family:


  • Can you make the time commitment necessary for the animal?
  • Can you make the financial commitment necessary?
  • Have you made the right choice of pet (type, breed, size) for your family?

After you’ve made a plan for getting your new family member then you should wait for your schedule to become more consistent. During the holidays many times we are in and out of the house. We travel, have visitors, and our lives can be pretty hectic. When you bring in a new pet you want the transition to be as easy as possible.

So while a cute puppy under the tree might be tempting, the best present for you and your family is to wait! Get your new pet when everyone is on board and you have a well thought out plan.