Two Cats

For the past few months I have gotten away from talking about the letters in our name and what they mean to us. It is time to start again! R stands for respect and work as a team with my fellow professional pet sitters.

Teamwork is the foundation of our company and gives us the ability to give quality pet care. At Guardian Pet Sitters® working as a team means we can ALWAYS have pet care coverage for our clients without compromising another client’s pet care. When you are a one person operation and a client has an emergency and needs pet care service you might not be able to provide the coverage if you are already booked or away on a scheduled vacation. Those who say yes and the schedule is already full must find a way to get everyone cared for in the same amount of time. What does that mean for the clients that already have pet care scheduled?

At Guardian Pet Sitters® our team of professional pet sitters shows their respect to each other by helping each other when needed. They show respect to the clients by wanting to help the client when needed especially in an emergency. The management respects the client by having top-notch professional pet sitters available when a client needs pet care service and shows respect to the pet sitters by not overbooking them and having backup coverage. We don’t think other clients and their pets should be affected when there is an emergency.

The team at Guardian Pet Sitters® shows respect to the pet sitters in our industry by setting high standards for ourselves and making sure that we do our best to present a positive professional image of our industry.

Respect is something you earn from others and we at Guardian Pet Sitters® will continue to provide the highest level of pet care service to earn respect from our clients and those who are in our industry.