Spring In North Texas

Spring In North Texas

Spring has finally sprung!  What better way to ring in the season than an overview of a few safety tips for our pets!  Here are a few key things to give consideration to when thinking about pet safety.

Hop in to your veterinary clinic – Yes, the winter coats will be shedding so this is the perfect time for you to have your vet do a once over on your pet.  With the thick coat out of the way, you can tell if there are any lumps or bumps that were hiding during the winter months.  It is also a great time to discuss with your vet your pet’s flea and tick control and heartworm medication.  Not only are the flowers coming into bloom but, so are all of those pesky pests that are not our pet’s best friends! In fact, fleas and ticks carry potentially fatal diseases.

Exercise – With the days staying light longer and the beautiful crisp weather that comes our way with Spring, it is a perfect time to start hitting the parks and pavement with our pets.  Make sure you have your license and leash with your pets at all times.  Even if you think Fido is the best behaved dog in the world off leash, there are times when your pooch might be spooked, run off or out into traffic, or encounter an “unfriendly” while on your walk.  Having your pet on a leash allows you to better control many situations which in turn keep our pets safe! If you haven’t done so already, you should microchip your dog and always be sure he wears an imprinted tag with your up to date contact information.

Easter Bunny Time – Yes, with the arrival of spring so comes Easter.  The Easter Bunny just came to town bringing all of those yummy chocolate treats!  While we may enjoy a chocolate bunny (or two) our pets just can’t handle it.  Chocolate can be toxic to our pets.  Keep an eye on those goodies!  Keep all treats out of your pet’s reach and if your pet partakes while you are away, contact your vet immediately! Watch for any signs of vomiting and diarrhea as they could be symptoms of poisoning!

As you begin to care for you lawn, keep your pet in mind.  The chemicals that are laced in fertilizers and herbicides provide you with a lush green lawn but they are potentially fatal for your pet!  Go green and research organic lawn care companies and products as you attend to your homes curb appeal.  Remember to store all chemicals in chew free containers out of your pet’s reach!

Check back with us, at Guardian Pet Sitters, throughout the season for more tips on keeping your pets safe this spring.   Take some time to compile your own Safety Checklist and put into action a Safety First Plan!  What’s your best kept safety tip?  Comment below!

Happy Spring!