It is Election Day! Left, right, Republican or Democrat? Cat? Dog?… Sheep? There have been some really fun and amazing pets at the White House. Here are a few of my personal favorite presidential pets.

The Obama Family and Bo

I’m going to start with our most recent presidential pet, Bo Obama! A Portuguese Water Dog adopted by the Obama family in 2009. I have a feeling that Bo has a great time with the 2 girls. Hopefully they have a good outlet for his working instincts! Portuguese Water Dogs need lots of exercise or else he could become a bored pup.



India BushThere weren’t very many kitties to choose from, but there is India Bush! A beautiful black cat owned by the Bush family. She was a constant companion to the family for almost 20 years! She, sadly, passed away in 2009 at the ripe age of 18. While she was in the White House, she enjoyed many tuna treats and playing with her canine siblings.



JFK MacaroniWhat about a pony? President John F. Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline, had her pony with her at the White House. Macaroni was allowed to roam the grounds freely. I can’t imagine how much fun that would be for a pony! This was Caroline’s first horse, and the one she learned to ride on. The Kennedys later acquired Tex and Leprechaun, so Macaroni wasn’t a lonely pony.



Millie BushThe first Bush family had a great love of pets! Pictured here is Barbara Bush and Millie their Springer Spaniel. While she was staying at the White House, Millie had a litter of puppies. I was really interested in Millie when I was a girl because my grandparents had a Springer Spaniel. They are such sweet natured dogs.



Rex ReaganI think Sharon would have a fit if I didn’t talk about Rex, President Reagan’s King Charlies Cavalier Spaniel. Rex was known to be an avid leash puller. President Reagan might have been okay with it when he was pulling him away from prying photographers and reporters! I love this picture of Rex running toward the Reagans. Everyone looks so happy!





Woodrow Wilson Sheep

And what about those sheep? To cut maintenance costs in World War I, Woodrow Wilson brought sheep onto the grounds. The sheep were allowed to roam the ground and eat what they wanted. Included in the flock was Old Ike, the tobacco- chewing ram. The sheep also produced wool that was auctioned to help the Salvation Army, double duty for them!


If you want more information on presidential pets take a look at the Presidential Pet Museum!


Pictures and information from the Presidential Pet Museum.