Preparing for Puppies


So you’re bringing a new pup home to join the family. Congratulations!!! Now as any good parent would do, you need to prepare your home for the little ones arrival. Puppies are curious and will get into anything they can. They don’t realize what is good and bad and what should be avoided. Therefore you need to review your home from a puppy’s perspective and set it up to avoid anything dangerous.
Below are a few tips to consider when setting up for their arrival:

1. Get down to their level. Lie down on the ground and assess all of the hazards you can see from that perspective. When you’re that little there are things that can be seen only by them. To make sure your not missing something, see the world from puppy’s point of view.



2. Get plenty of play things. Your pup will want to be kept entertained and will require toys. Toys just for him will distract him from mischief. Stock up on “puppy safe” toys to keep your puppy busy and work his mind. Also some cozy stuffed animals will help them feel safe.

3. Comfort zone. Your new pup may be a little “home sick”. After all he may miss mom and siblings. Set up a cozy little den for your puppy. A space filled with blankets and a space that is all his. Having a space of his own will make him feel safe and secure. A crate or gated off area is the best option. Curiosity may have killed the cat but curiosity can get the best of our pups too!

4. Prep the family and other pets for the new family member. If you have young children, make sure you let the little ones know that they need to be gentle with the new pup. Take it slow and don’t leave the puppy unattended with the other animals. Always supervise your new pup when he is with kids. Remember your puppy needs constant supervision (just as a baby does) if not contained in a safe place.

5. Know what you can or cannot expect from your puppy and be realistic on what your puppy can do.