Dog on Fence Post

We received our latest copy of Pet Sitter’s World and Patti Moran’s article confirms what Guardian Pet Sitters believes. Pet Sitting is a serious job and one to be done by a professional. Patti Moran’s article talked about several things that happened during the holidays last year requiring pet sitters to go above and beyond.

The article reminds us that we never know what we will face when providing pet care. She tells us about the pet sitter that arrived at a house to find it smoke filled with cats trapped inside, or the family who was killed in a collision on the way home, and the house that was burglarized.

We don’t want things to happen but as we quote “life happens to pet sitters”. Being a pet sitter calls for being highly responsible and quick thinking. It is also an emotional job. We bond with the critters we provide care for as though they belong to us. We have an emotional attachment.

To learn they are ill or worse, died is hard for the pet sitter. It’s like it happened to your own furry or feather friend.

Because we care for pets in their own environment we take care of a lot of geriatric pets. We know that their time could come while we are caring for them. In our 18 year history, we have twice walked into houses where the dog had passed in its sleep. Not only do we have to deal with our own grief but also think about the family and how to help them through this period of time.

Then there have been situations where the pets’ final hours were spent with the pet sitter who recognized that the pet needed medical attention and got them to the emergency clinic. Though we don’t have to, pet sitters will be there for the final good-bye when the owner can not be.

When we sign a contract to care for someone’s pets, we are saying we will go above and beyond for the pet’s welfare. We are available to handle the emergencies, and to do what is needed to provide care to the pets.

In choosing a pet care provider you want to select a company who has experience and can be there when the unforeseen happens. Though most days our pet visits are routine wouldn’t you want someone who can handle any of the emergencies described above and will be with your pet providing it love and TLC?