Two CatsThe last letter in our name says it all! N—It is a NEVER-ENDING responsibility to be thorough, conscientious and helpful to our clients, always going that extra mile to make them satisfied! Guardian Pet Sitters values our relationship with our clients-human and animal. We look for ways in order to serve and bring more value to benefit our clients.

Who would have thought 20 years ago we would stay so busy looking for ways to provide services to our clients. Wouldn’t you think if it was working you wouldn’t change it? Look how much has changed in the past 20 years. When we started, people didn’t use email, cell phones were limited and life didn’t seem as hectic. What we have learned is there is always a better way to do things. We want to ensure we are always offering the best to our clients.

Several years ago we switched our business model from focusing on a visit to focusing on the pet. What does this mean? We used to allow xx minutes for 1-2 pets or xx minutes for 3-4 pets. Today we allow xx minutes for 1 pet, xx minutes for 2 pets, xx minutes for 3 pets and xx minutes for 4 pets. We allow the time in the schedule, charge accordingly and thus are able to give more time and attention to each pet on each visit. The pet care provider is not rushing to get everything done in a visit so they are conscientious and thorough each time they make a visit. We want to do what we say in-home pet care is all about—reduce stress on your pet when you are gone.

Our back up system is not only in the event the pet sitter gets hurt, injured in a car wreck or becomes ill but works in the event there is a pet emergency. Arriving at a house with a sick pet whether minor or serious, our back up system allows the pet sitter to handle the emergency without concern for other pets that might be on the schedule. The pet sitter has an extra pair of hands if needed to help in the situation or to take over other visits if that is needed. Not overbooking our pet sitters’ aids in our ability to handle emergencies without compromising our service.

Our business philosophy is pet care services require a team. We are working with live animals who must be cared for no matter what the circumstances. We offer our service 365 days and will be there when YOU need us.  Our clients need to be able to depend upon knowing their animals will be cared for in a top notch way when they need service. There will not be a note left saying I am unavailable from such and such dates. What happens if you have a family emergency and must leave town during those dates? With a team of trained professionals you know you can rely upon them to offer the same consistent quality service if you have a family emergency or you became ill and hospitalized. You know that your pets are cared for and watched by a trained pet sitter.

Today, life is hectic for us. We have added services to help add time into the day. We offer home services (waiting for a repair man), cat brush-outs and nail trims, sub q fluids and allergy injections. This keeps the pet at home (reduces stress) and saves time for the owner as they do not have to make a trip to the veterinarian or groomer.

As we said, it is a NEVER ending responsibility we have to our clients—human and furry. We love it that way as it means we must stay on our toes to provide quality service!