Two Puppies in a ChairA day doesn’t pass by that I don’t read something regarding pet over-population. We even have a day designated to spaying your pet. This year February 28, 2012 is Spay Day USA! Spay Day USA was started by the Doris Day Animal League. From my investigation this is the 17th year for Spay Day USA and the overpopulation problem still is epidemic proportions. Over one million animals have been spayed or neutered yet that is not enough to curb the overpopulation of pets.

It is up to us as pet lovers and owners to do what is needed to stop this over-population of pets. This doesn’t mean we go after the reputable breeders who give us our purebred dogs and cats; it means we stop the over-population of pets by spaying and neutering all dogs and cats that make wonderful family pets. It means we don’t let our dog or cat have a litter of puppies or kittens just so our children can have the experience. It means we take proper care of our pets by spaying and neutering. We adopt from shelters and rescues to give homes for all the unwanted dogs and cats. You want a certain breed of dog? Every breed of dog has a rescue group-check there for your next family member.

If we don’t stop the overpopulating of animals what is going to happen? We are going to continue to hear about the “litter of puppies dropped off at the local shelter”, or the euthanasia of another dog or cat because there is no more room to keep them. Or we are going to see dogs and cats living in cages with the overworked staff at the rescue group or shelter trying to give them attention when it is taking everything they have just to get them all fed and fresh water. We are going to continue to hear about the hoarding of animals and the horrific stories of them not getting food and laying in their own feces.

This problem is an economic issue; we don’t have enough resources to take care of all the animals as it is now.

Spaying and neutering your pet has many benefits:

  • Spaying females can prevent uterine infections such as pyometra and mammary or uterine cancer.
  • Neutering males prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk for perianal tumors.
  • Spaying and neutering reduces the urge to roam. When pets are roaming they are subject to getting hit by a car, or attacked by another animal. Did you know that 80% of pets hit by cars are unneutered males?
  • Pet owner saves $$ on pet care.
  • Society will not have to spend time and resources caring for animals that will never get a home.

We the pet loving people are the ones who are responsible to stop the overpopulation. Educating your family and friends on spaying and neutering their pets is a step to the solution, adopting from rescue or shelters is another step and finally help keep the message going to spay and neuter our pets. If you can spare the $$ to pay to have a pet spayed or neutered there are numerous organizations that can use your financial support. The more animals that get “fixed” means fewer will die at the end of the needle.

I think Donn Esmonde says it best when it comes to the solution: “It’s pet owners finding their Inner Adult, landing on Planet Responsibility and getting their animals spayed or neutered.