A family enjoying the outdoorsHave you started making plans for spring and summer vacation? There are many questions to answer during the planning especially when you have pets involved. Are you traveling to visit family, friends or are you staying in a hotel? Are you going out of the country? Are your pets going to be welcomed at your family or friends? Are you going to be leaving your pet in the hotel room for periods of time while you are out having fun sightseeing and enjoying the attractions? Is there a quarantine period for pets for the country you are traveling to? Does you pet travel well in the car or by plane? Will the airlines fly your pet?

The biggest question you must ask yourself is what is best for my pet? Everyone enjoys their pets and wants to be with them but in reality is it best for your pet? If your decision is not to travel with your pet, then your next step is to decide what type of arrangement is best for your pet. Today the pet owner has many options for pet care. You need to choose the one that best suits your family and your pet’s needs.

Why not make plans for your pet(s) to stay in the comfort of their own home? There are many options but the one most pets prefer is staying at home. The benefits you receive – knowing your pets are happy because they are in their favorite spot (home), sleeping on their favorite bed, eating out of their own bowls, playing with their toys, napping in their favorite spot, playing in their own yard and taking the familiar route for their walk. It is the best way to keep your pets on the routine you have established. An added bonus is your home will be getting the attention it needs as your mail, newspaper and flyers will be brought in, lights alternated, blinds open and closed, giving your home a lived in look.

Now is the time to choose who you are going to hire to care for your pets and home. There are numerous pet sitting services, so how do you choose? We know there are many questions you need to ask about the service you pick. We have made sure that when you ask those questions, we can say,” Yes, we have that.” or “Yes, we offer that.” After being in business for over 20 years we believe that our company model gives us the edge over many.

How is Guardian Pet Sitters different from most pet sitting companies?

  • We are not a one man operation and if something were to happen to one of us our service continues.
  • We have a team of pet sitters! They are employees and have been carefully selected and thoroughly screened.
  • Each client has a primary pet sitter but with our team we have a backup in case there was an emergency.
  • Clients work with their pet sitter on each assignment to ensure there is no miscommunication with the details.
  • We do not overbook our pet sitters as quality of service is our utmost goal (we have heard of pet sitters doing 25-30 visits a day during busy seasons). Our pet sitters typically do 12 visits max, but most are 7-8 visits or less.
  • We have pet sitters living in the areas they service and typically they do not have to drive long distances between jobs.
  • We have built our company to benefit our customers. We understand you want consistency in who is taking care of your pets and we provide this by assigning a primary and a back up pet sitter to each client. However, if your particular pet sitter is not available then you know you have a trained knowledgeable pet sitter taking over and providing the same quality service.

Guardian Pet Sitters has been providing “Peace of Mind” since 1992. Our track record proves we have been there for our clients and we will be there for you.

Don’t delay on making plans for your pets!