North Texas Giving DayIt is almost here! North Texas Giving Day! On September 19th Donor Bridge will be accepting donations to approved non-profit organizations. It gets better! There are bonus funds available once the fund drive is complete. There are also many prizes awarded to the organizations. Last year North Texas Giving Day raised over $14.4 million!

This is a great way for these charitable organizations to gain exposure, funds, and new donors! Several of my favorite organizations are participating. There are plenty of animal related non-profits that are eligible. Society for Companion Animals, Senior Pet Assistance Network, and (my favorite) Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue are all participating!

All donations are to be made online at The drive is open from 7am-midnight, prizes and bonus funds will be awarded after the close of the drive.

For a list of approved non-profits, check here. Don’t forget that you have to make a donation through the Donor Bridge website!