Bonus: Sitting pretty!

Tommy loves his walks

Guardian Pet Sitters® is glad to see the emphasis on the importance of exercising your dog for their health and behavior. Our canine friends get into trouble for things that are really the humans’ fault. The canine becomes bored due to lack of exercise, they are not made to be kept indoors for long hours. When they chew on a pair of your favorite shoes—the question should be why were they able to get to the shoes and is a sign they need toys to chew on which is natural for a canine.  We have a problem with overweight canines and though we are feeding our dogs in most cases too much food, we also are not exercising them.

Enjoy your week with your canine friend taking a walk. This will benefit you and your best friend! If you are short on time you might want to consider a dog walker to give them the companionship and exercise they need to make a well adjusted companion. For more information on National Walk Your Dog Week, check out