IMG_20130117_115413Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Volunteer Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and National Nurses Week.  What do these all have in common? They are celebrations for those who touch our lives.  But, why should honorary weeks such as these be limited to people?  It’s not! National Pet Week is the first full week every May.  This year, 2014, we celebrate the unconditional love that pets and owners have for each other from Sunday, May 4th through Friday, May 10th.

Dedicating a week to show the world how wonderful our pets are, hardly compares to the companionship, faithfulness, protection and love our furry family members show us 365 days a year.  However; it is a great way to honor, celebrate and show everyone why your pet is the best there is.  Pet related groups and organizations host a slew of fun events for this exciting week.  There are dog washes, fun runs and adoption drives where the VIPs all have 4 legs. Getting out in the community with pet owners alike builds camaraderie and develops a network of people that understand the importance of our dedication to our pets.

National Pet Week is celebrating its 33rd year of honoring pets.  It has been an opportunity for communities to come together, highlight, bring awareness and educate families about pet health, care, and pet training. Support and information, any pet owner or future pet owner may need, is also provided and promoted throughout communities during National Pet Week.

If only our dogs and cats could understand every word we said, it would be much easier to tell them just what they mean to us.  Because no one has mastered the art of speaking ‘pet language’ we use other means to get the same point across.  National Pet Week is a week spent publicizing, teaching and demonstrating what each pet deserves – focusing on a bond that can’t be broken and care that is irreplaceable.

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