Chrissie is a "mutt" but we don't tell the princess that!

Chrissie is a “mutt” but we don’t tell the princess that!

National Mutt Day is a bi-annual day of awareness held July 31st and Dec 2nd.  This amazing day of awareness was set into motion by Colleen Paige, Animal Welfare Advocate and noted Celebrity Pet Expert.  Her goal was to establish a day in which the plight of Mutts who find themselves in the many shelters across our country can be brought to light.  After setting the wheels in motion she determined that one day a year was not sufficient and therefore decided upon the bi-annual celebration.  Awareness is crucial in the efforts to bring about change.

Every day thousands of animals are dropped off and euthanized within the walls of our shelters.  Amongst these numbers are a large percentage of mixed breeds.  Mixed breeds are just as “perfect” as the pure bred pets.  Many folks have a skewed perspective when they are considering the addition of a new pet, under the impression that a mixed dog is not an acceptable choice.


Some of the impressions are:

  • we don’t know their health history
  • mixed breeds are unknown and could be violent
  • we are looking for a xxx breed as we know their temperament
  • we don’t know what he will look like when he grows up

These “impressions” couldn’t be farther from the truth.  There are so many proven success stories and they do make wonderful pets!  They are so grateful and I believe they KNOW you have saved them.  I have never had a shelter pet that was not awesome and loving!    There are so many examples of famous mutts who were saved by a kind hearted human and have proven their appreciation and awesomeness!  Benji, Brinks, Shadow, Quentin and Jake.  Read their stories!

So please, do yourself a favor and consider the adoption of a “Mutt”.  You won’t be disappointed!  Also, lend a hand to your local shelters.  They can use volunteers and anything you can do will assist them with their funding issues, thereby helping save more pets!  Donate, volunteer, spread the word!

Stop by the official site, click here for further details.  You can also find them on Face Book!  Stop by and give them a “Like”.