You are blindsided by a disaster or a family emergency.  Are you ready to spring into action with all of your pets taken care of in a moment’s

Do you hear thunder?

Be prepared for an emergency!

notice?  Let’s review some key points to ensure you are prepared.

The Emergency Pack – find yourself a bag where you can store most of your needed items.  Some things you should have in this bag are: medicines your pet may need, a leash and collar for each pet, a collapsible bowl for water, a brush and comb.  You may want to ask your vet for a few emergency sedatives in case your pet is anxious during a disaster.  Include up to date, clear photos of each pet.  Add some of their favorite snacks.  Those can be calming during an emergency.

The Carrier – ensure you have a carrier for each of your pets.  One that is large enough to keep them comfortable in the event they need to stay in it for some time.  Ensure you have a pillow and blanket and some toys for your pet. Keep them in the carrier in case you need to make a quick exit.  Think about the type of carrier you have or will need to buy.  One made of cardboard may not hold up well.  It needs to withstand cold, rain and disaster type scenarios.  Don’t forget a disposable kitty litter box with litter. Your cat will need it!

The List – create a handy dandy list to include:

  1. your vets contact information
  2. your nearest relatives information
  3. your pets medications and shot history
  4. rabies license number
  5. ID number of your pets microchips and the company’s contact information
  6. Local hotels that allow pets and ones who will let your pet stay during an emergency
  7. Find out where you can go in an emergency to board your pets safely. Obtain information about several sites in the event they are unavailable.
  8. Names of relatives who can assist you during an emergency.
  9. Jot down their contact info as well.

Once you have all of the above, keep them together. Put the list in the pack and keep the pack in the carrier. This way everything is right there; ready to be swooped up in a moment’s notice.  When an emergency strikes, time is of the essence.  And don’t forget your cellphone and charger. You can keep contacts and copies of your list in your phone as back up.  Call Guardian Pet Sitters for more information on how to keep your pets safe during an emergency or disaster situation.