A sleepy bulldog

This blog is about a sensitive subject, so be cautioned.

Does your pet care provider know what to do if your pet should pass unexpectedly while you were away? I read an article recently about a bulldog that had died while at a doggie daycare. Beyond the gross negligence and unusual circumstances, what really stood out to me was that the owner of the dog wasn’t notified that his beloved bulldog had passed. I was in shock that the daycare wouldn’t let the owner know that his dog was sick and then that they weren’t able to revive him. The poor dog was just left there!

At Guardian Pet Sitters we ask during our new client consultations if you would like to be contacted in case of your pet’s unexpected death. It isn’t an easy question to answer, but it is necessary. We take our jobs very seriously and want to make sure the client’s wishes are executed. Many people haven’t even thought about what they would do if their pet should pass suddenly. Even if the client doesn’t want to be contacted, we know what their wishes are.

I believe that it is better to be over-informed rather than in the dark.  I know when filling out new client paperwork it can be daunting. There are so many unusual and unexpected questions! This is all part of our goal of providing our clients with peace of mind. We ask at the beginning so that there will be no doubts later.

To read more about Cooper, the bulldog, and his sad story check out the PatriotLedger.com