A cat and a BirdAre your arrangements for your pet’s care fail safe?

Why do I ask this question? Recently we have had several situations where pet owners found they did not have pet care they could depend upon. Here are a few of the scenarios:

  1. A call for service starting the same day. The person was leaving in a few hours. The person calling had two individual pet sitters but neither pet sitter was available- one was out of town and the other had surgery.
  2. Another call for service for the weekend from a person whose friend was going to watch the pets but got sick and couldn’t.
  3. While talking with someone at a networking meeting, she told me this story that happened to her over Christmas time. She had just moved to the area. There was a death in the family and she could not find a boarding facility for her dogs as they were all booked  and did she know anyone to care for her pets.

If these had been Guardian Pet Sitter’s clients they would have had pet care.

If you are new to an area one of the first things you want to establish is pet care. It is good to have an in-home pet care company as you never know if you will be able to board your pets when you need to. Even if your pets would do better boarding for extended periods, most pet care companies will offer transportation to and from the kennels so that could be arranged.

Weekends are busy for pet sitters. We allocate our time and resources to the clients who have booked us. If possible we try to help people at the last minute but Guardian Pet Sitters will not compromise our service for the clients who have booked us in advance.

  • A client of Guardian Pet Sitters had a father who was in his final days of life. The client called Guardian Pet Sitters and she had pet coverage for as long as she needed.
  • A client of Guardian Pet Sitters had moved from one community to another and had not gotten set up in her new home. She became ill and was hospitalized. We were able to meet with a friend and get keys to the new home and provide service.  We are there for our clients!

As a Guardian Pet Sitter’s client you would not have to worry about your pet care as we have a backup system to ensure our clients have coverage when needed. After all you don’t know when you could have an emergency or need to leave town.

Guardian Pet Sitters offers:

  • Bonded and insured for your protection
  • Clients are kept confidential
  • “Peace of Mind” program (ask about our program when you call or talk to us)
  • Our backup system enables us to give our clients the attention needed in an emergency.
  • Being available to our clients 365 days a year however our pet sitters are given time off to be refreshed and ready to give their best to each client.

Don’t delay in getting setup as a client of Guardian Pet Sitters!

If you don’t live in our service area find an in-home pet sitting company in your area that will be there!