Stella wants to know “What is stress”?

Is Your Cat stressed out? Would you even know what to look for if he was stressed out? Stress in our animals is just as bad as it is for us. Stress suppresses the immune system and often results in health and behavior problems. Keep your cat healthy by seeking help if your cat displays any of the following signs and symptoms of stress!

Digestive issues. Has your cat suddenly developed digestive issues? If your cat experiences diarrhea, constipation or any other digestive health issues, he might be in need of some help. Any delay in seeking help can further exacerbate health issues and lead to others.

Scratching and licking. If your cat seems to be licking his paws a lot or grooming himself more than usual, it could be a clear indicator that he is stressed out. It’s also possible that he has some type of behavioral issue such as obsessive compulsive disorder. Neglecting to notice these signs can continue the cycle, which means more distress for your cat.

Changes in appetite or sleeping patterns. You probably know your cat just as well as you know yourself and if you do, that’s great because then you will quickly notice if he’s changed his sleeping and eating patterns. It could be a clear sign that something is horribly wrong.

Aggression towards people and animals. Many animals, even cats, act out when they’re not feeling well. Aggression is just one way that cats show they are not feeling up to snuff. Don’t ignore signs of sudden aggression and definitely don’t make excuses for Fluffy’s new behavior. Many pet parents will blow off aggressive behavior by thinking “Oh, Fluffy’s just getting old and cranky.” That may be true however, it’s best to seek the advice of a trained professional.

Always consult your veterinary professionals to keep your cat in tip top shape. It’s better to confront an issue head on than wait. If you catch signs of stress early on, the general prognosis will most certainly be more positive. Be cautious, Fluffy depends on you.