Wow, I recently read a blog by one of my favorite veterinarians Dr. Karen Becker that troubled me. How many of us know that what is used for rat poison has changed drastically??? What an eye opener to learn that the make-up of rat poison has changed and it is fast acting and has NO antidote. This is very dangerous for children and pets. Bromethalin is a poison being used by many manufacturers of rodenticides. Bromethalin is faster acting than older rodenticides (anticoagulants).

Symptoms depend on how much of the poison was swallowed. Unsteadiness, weakness, muscle tremors, paddling motions of the limb, hyper-excitabilty, depression, vomiting, high fever, stiffness in the front legs and seizures.

Since 2011, the national Pet Poison Helpline has reported a 65 percent increase in bromethalin poisoning in pets.

Remember it is not only if you are using rat poisons around your house but if your pet was to consume a rat (or other rodents) who have ingested bromethalin from your neighborhood. Supervise your pets outdoor!

Immediate veterinary care is necessary if you suspect your pet has ingested rat poison. Be sure to bring along the poison container with label (if you have it) so your veterinarian knows what they are dealing with.

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