Kato got a special delivery yesterday. His PawBox! Actually this is his second PawBox. The first one was dismantled pretty quickly. I got pictures of this one except, silly mommy, I used the camera that Kato is scared of. He only investigated everything after I put the camera away.

So, let’s see what we have here:

Natural Balance Dog Food Roll: Yum! I love using these as training treats. The size and consistency really lends itself to training. Kato thinks he is getting something extra special. I might use this mini roll as a topping for his usual food.

Feelgood Chicken Trail Blazin’ Bits: Kato wasn’t so sure about the crunch at first. He usually gets moist treats. But after a few pieces he wouldn’t leave me alone. I think he’ll be requesting these again.

Silver Lining Skin & Coat Formula: Ah, this couldn’t have come at a better time. Winter dries Kato’s skin out so I have to supplement with Omega-3. I’m excited to try something new.

Heart Magnet: I slapped this right on to my car. It is above my “My mutt is smarter than your honor student” bumper sticker.

Zanies Wild Style Bone Mini: Kato is playing with this as I type. I like that the fabric is softer than most dog toys. Kato likes that it squeaks and is easy to toss.

Bonus: My cats love tissue paper and boxes. So the wonderful packaging gets used too.

I like PawBox because it is an inexpensive way to try out new toys, treats and food. All the products are made in the US, Canada, or EU. And that I REALLY like.