A beagle licking a woman's earGuardian Pet Sitters® provides a personal service to pet owners. Since our service takes place in the home of our clients, our business calls for extra caution on how we treat our clients’ information. Our clients are very important to us! We understand the trust they give to Guardian Pet Sitters® in providing our service to care for their furry or feather friends and home. That is why the A in our name stands for ANONYMOUS! We don’t sell or give out our clients’ name, address, e-mails or phone numbers.

We value our relationship with our clients and understand their need for privacy. There are several ways we protect that privacy. Our pet sitters sign a confidentiality form agreeing not to discuss our clients’ information with anyone other than associates of our company. We will not give out a reference unless we have permission from the client. We do not advertise on pet sitters’ cars that are visiting homes to provide our service. Our pet sitters do not wear any apparel with our company’s advertising. We do not allow anyone but our pet sitter to enter the home. When we are networking we do not use our clients for referrals. While all of these might be a great way to advertise our company, our client’s privacy is more important to us.

Guardian Pet Sitters® wants the pet owners who use our service to have the assurance they can trust us! Our goal is to provide the BEST in-home pet care with the highest standards.