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As we move through the letters in our name Guardian, we reach what we think is probably the most critical letter: I which stands for conduct business with Integrity and honesty.  in any business is everything, but especially when people are putting their pets and home in your care. When Guardian Pet Sitters® was started in 1992 we had high standards for our day to day operations of the company and that has not changed.

A company that operates with Integrity is consistent with their actions, methods, principles, values, expectations and outcomes. Guardian Pet Sitters® finds with Integrity you can give reliable quality service. You can build relationships with your human clients and the pets win with responsible consistent pet care.  We are part of your pet care team!

We value our Integrity; we want to do what is right for our clients and their pets, employees, vendors, other pet professionals and the communities that we serve. We value the principle to do what is right rather than what is expedient or will just get the job done. It usually takes longer to perform the duties when you have this as your goal. One of the reasons our service is built on time; we want to do the job completely each time we enter the home. We want each pet to have their needs met and if possible be able to add extra TLC. Our policy of treat each visit as if it is your last  means that at each visit we spend the time to do the job thoroughly. We don’t cut time on the visits and wait until the last visit to make everything perfect for the owner when they return.

Another important aspect is being dependable and reliable. Guardian Pet Sitters® sticks to our commitments and we do not commit to what we can not deliver. Our backup system for our pet sitters is an example. We know we are human and “life happens” to us also. Being there for a client when we say we will be there is of paramount importance. It is important to us to be able to do what we say we are going to do regardless of what we encounter (life situations) while performing our services.

Of course like all businesses we need to make money in order to stay in business. However we have the policy that we do what is best for the pet and their human above making money. This means if we don’t think in-home pet care is the right choice for your pet or if we don’t have the skills needed to provide a particular service for a pet we will help the owner find the right alternative. If we make a mistake we admit it and then we do what we can to rectify the situation even knowing that it will cost us money. Doing things right and being truthful is very important to us.

Guardian Pet Sitters® believes that our integrity is the greatest value we can possess and it includes ethics, truthfulness, honesty, commitment, dedication, and personal responsibility.

“Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do.”   Don Galer