Happy Valentine’s Day! 

February is designated as a month of love. Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. How do we show “love” to our pets? Being responsible pet owners and providing care and attention to the critters that share our homes. Pets are a gift to us and they give us so much in return for the love and care we provide. Some benefits we get from pets are companionship, increased social interaction, and comfort. Pets have positive effects on you mentally and physically. Petting an animal has shown to lower blood pressure and can ease anxiety. Getting out and walking or running with your pet helps you stay fit and stress-free.

Being responsible pet owners includes learning what is best for your particular pet. Be sure they are fed the right food–nutrition is of utmost importance as it is the main key to your pet’s health. Exercise is important for all pets; even cats need to play. Being sure you have toys to engage the pets is very important. Keeping pets bathed and groomed will reduce skin problems; mats are painful for our furry friends. Spending time with your pet is important as they want to have attention and be part of the family. Have your pet get a wellness checkup yearly by your veterinarian and seek veterinary attention early when you suspect something is physically wrong. Spay and neuter your pet. The pet you have chosen will stay with you for the life of that pet. If something did happen that you could no longer care for the pet, be sure you have arrangements in place for them to find another good home.

Pet owners need to be responsible and be sure they do not have more pets than they can adequately provide care for, both physically and financially. It is a huge responsibility we have taken as pet owners and the pets you have are depending on you. What love they give! Let’s show them how much we can love them in return.

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