August 30 is designated Holistic Pet Day. This is a day to highlight the importance of whole pet health instead of treating singular diseases or problems. Ellie Mae 3

You as the pet owner play a huge role in the health of your dog, cat, bird etc. Healthy balanced food, mental and physical stimulation are the things that your pet needs to have excellent health and behavior.

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of keeping your pet healthy and happy. Holistic pet care is about you understanding your pet’s nutritional needs and setting out to find the balance of food to meet those needs. Feeding natural and organic food just as with you brings numerous health benefits such as a healthy immune system. With a healthy immune system the other benefits of a good quality natural food is it helps with avoiding intestinal problems, allergies, obesity, diabetes and other food related diseases.

The most important nutrient is water! Your pet needs water free of chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals. Use filtered water only for your pets!

 Exercise is key to a healthy pet! Holistic pet care is you providing your pet with physical activity.Exercising keeps your pet physically fit, helps in weight loss if needed, decreases diabetes risk, lessens heart disease, and fights certain cancers. It helps with anxiety and boredom. As the saying goes “A tired dog is a good dog!” That goes for all pets.

Enrichment is needed by your pet for your pet to be happy and well-balanced. Holistic pet care is you providing your pet with mental stimulation. There are many ways to keep your pet’s brain stimulated. There are toys manufactured such as puzzles, automatic ball launcher, pet videos, cat trees and many other toys to help with stimulating your pet’s brain. You can hide treats or food around the house and make up games to play with them. Go on different routes when out for a dog walk or if your kitty or rabbit walks on a leash take them on different routes.  They will love the new sights, smells and sounds.

Mr. Grady

Fresh air is very important for your pet’s health. If your cat/rabbit/bird/pet does not walk on leash build an enclosure that they can go into from the house that is screened. This will not only give them fresh air but the enrichment they need with sights, sounds, and smells.

Holistic Medications and Treatment will help your pet without causing other problems.  Natural flea and tick and heart-worm prevention will help your pet from having the side effects from pesticides. Acupuncture and chiropractic treatment instead of medications will benefit your pet and help them feel better.

Chrissie Acupuncture

Chrissie Acupuncture

Find a holistic veterinarian or a one that practices holistic along with traditional that will look at the whole pet in helping him/her have a healthy happy life.