Loretta with Charlie 7-28-12 2                                    February is “Responsible Pet Owners Month!

A month designated with LOVE is also “RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS” month. We want to celebrate all the loving responsible pet owners who give their pets a wonderful home filled with kindness and care. We are glad we get to provide our services and care to all of the wonderful animals because of our “Responsible Pet Owning Clients!”

This month is a reminder of the importance of being a responsible pet owner. What does being a responsible pet owner mean? I am sure if you ask 50 people you would get 50 answers, however I believe most would agree on the following:

Health Care
Shelter (HOME)

LOVE your pet enough to ID or microchip in case they were to get lost. Remember they give us unconditional love and want to be with us.
Health Care for your pet is at minimum a yearly wellness exam. Remember your pets can’t tell you when they feel bad so when they seem off they have you to take them to be checked out.
Exercise just as it is good for us it is good for your pet. Yes most pets need some type of exercise, choose the appropriate exercise for your type of pet.
Home needs to be pet proof, as pets are curious and will get into things.
Food is important to your pet’s life for them to be healthy and live a happy well-balanced life.
Training your pet will give your pet confidence and make them feel secure; they will make better companions.