The Gentleman!

The Gentleman!

Nacho has a story.

I agreed to let Nacho come to my house and visit thinking it would be for a week or 10 days.  After several months and the family didn’t call for him. I had grown attached and I knew I couldn’t let him go. There is more history behind the story, but I don’t think this is the place or time to rehash it. Let’s just say Nacho became my dog and joined my household.

Nacho was my third Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. To describe Nacho, I called him my “Little Man” as he was such a gentleman. When Ali had her puppies, you would have thought he was the father of the litter, he checked out each one as she delivered and then played the role of “daddy.” As they got older you would see him with the puppies playing and letting them hang on to his long ears. What a joy this handsome man was to all who met him.

When I got Nacho, he really had never stayed in one place being between two households. This happened enough that I thought he belonged with one family and didn’t realize he belonged with another. So, when Nacho came to live with me, I wanted to make sure he knew he belonged. If someone came over to visit, Nacho would disappear and not be in the line-up to greet them at the door. You would not even know he was in the house.  So, we had a rule that he couldn’t go anywhere (I had so many people who wanted to take him home for a few days) unless with me and the rest of pack.

We took a trip to Kentucky and I took all six with me. I think that is when Nacho realized he was a part of the pack. When we returned from Kentucky, he was part of the pack greeting people at the door. He still didn’t bark (not the norm for Cavaliers). It warmed my heart to see him being a part of the pack.

So many people loved Nacho and he was loved dearly by me. Nacho did bark one time, it was quite a shock when he did, he always remained the gentleman.