The Real Office

This is what the Guardian Pet Sitters’ office looked like back in the early years! My former boss from Arco said “I had gone to the dogs!” Looks like he was right! The early days of Guardian Pet Sitters the Cavaliers ruled the office!

Precious, my feisty Shih Tzu, fit right in with the Cavaliers! Precious was the reason I started Guardian Pet Sitters. She showed me that staying in her own home was the best place for her when I was away! When I traveled for Arco Precious preferred to be in her own home. The lady that stayed with Precious when I traveled was the first pet sitter to work with Guardian Pet Sitters! I knew in the beginning it had to be more than one person as “life can happen” to you as a pet sitter and having someone who can step in if it does is imperative. That is why we have employees today and a backup system. These precious furry companions are depending upon us when the owners are away! I have said many times, that we are not in the type of business where you can just put a piece of paper down and come back to it. We deal with “living breathing critters” and we must be there for them!