Bunnies are wonderful pets if you know what you are doing!

Scarlet says “Bunnies make wonderful pets if you know what you are doing! Scarlet is 8 years old!


Have you considered giving your child a real live, floppy-eared bunny for Easter?  There are some important things you need to know about these real live Peter Cottontails that just might make you reconsider.  A real live bunny is much more than a breathing version of a stuffed toy.  Let me explain.

Rabbits do NOT like to be handled – At least not in the way you might expect!

Why not?  Rabbits are prey animals.  Snuggling with your real life rabbit is not the same as snuggling a puppy or kitten.  This is unnatural for rabbits and is very stressful for them.  Their natural instincts will make them want to flee.  The squeezing or holding them may cause them to feel threatened.  Affection will come after you have built trust with them but it takes time AND patience.

Rabbits are NOT low maintenance!

Contrary to popular belief, a rabbit is high maintenance.  Some assert that he needs more careful attention than a puppy or kitten.  This is why:

  • A bunny is very social. It is recommended that he has a playmate – of his own kind. Can you handle two bunnies?
  • A bunny needs a lot of exercise! In fact, it is suggested he get four hours of exercise each day. That’s a lot considered most experts only recommend two hours a day for a puppy. Do you have an extra four hours in your day to let Mr. Bunny out of his cage to play?
  • A small crate is NOT the best environment for a bunny. He needs room to move around inside his crate. He also needs to roam about freely so he can get in that four hours of exercise.
  • A bunny needs stimulation and enrichment! He needs toys to play with and plenty to chew on!
  • A bunny’s teeth never stop growing! (another reason he needs plenty to chew on)
  • Most vets do NOT treat bunnies so you will need to take Mr. Bunny to an exotic pet specialist. They are also susceptible to illness and disease as they age.
  • Bunnies need to be spayed or neutered even if you don’t plan on getting him a bunny companion. If you don’t Mr. or Mrs. Bunny will mark their territory. Yup, just like dogs.
  • Bunnies don’t like noise. They appreciate calm, quiet environments. Are your kids quiet?
  • A bunny MUST live indoors! Keeping Mr. Bunny out in the garage or barn will keep him isolated and depressed and susceptible to prey.
  • Bunnies can live up to 10 years! Are you willing to devote ten years of your life to a new family member?

Bunnies make great little companions for the right ADULT or a quiet family with an adult holding full responsibility.  They are sensitive, intelligent and have their own sweet, subtle personalities.  If you have the time, patience and energy to build a loving relationship with a bunny, then go for it – but not before you do your research!  AND for the love of Peter Cottontail, do NOT purchase a bunny from a pet store and not at Easter.  There are many shelters and rescues that have young and more mature bunnies.  Do not let your impulse buy lead to another unwanted bunny.

Do you have questions about inviting a bunny or other pet into your home?  Comment below and I will be sure to respond!