School is in session, children are gone all day and your pets are faced with being alone. We all know from the movie “Home Alone” what happens when your child is left at home alone. Same goes for your pets. Does your pet have the Back to School Blues?

The change in the pet’s daily routine can be distressing. Some signs of this distress are:

  • urinating or defecating  indoors or out of the litter box
  • excessive howling or whining
  • chewing or scratching furniture, windows or doors
  • exhibit unusual or exaggerated behaviors
  • destructive boredom
  • depression or being lethargic can be a sign of loneliness or illness (have checked by veterinarian to determine which it is)


Dogs in school

Some tips to help your pet with “Back To School Blues”:

  • Have toys for your pet to play with-chew bones such as nyla-bones are sturdy and can provide hours of chewing enjoyment, puzzle feeder, hide treats throughout the house for the pet to search for and enjoy or use a treat dispenser. There are a lot of toys on the market today that will benefit your pet such as bouncy balls but also there are things like boxes that can provide your cat with hours of enjoyment. 
  • Have background noise as a silent house can be a lonely one. Leave the TV on to channels such as Animal Planet or buy videos made for cats and dogs.    
  • Hide and Seek can stimulate your pet. Keep your pet hunting throughout the day while everyone is gone. Hiding toys and treats; be sure to mix them up each day. 
  • Exercise and play with your pet before you leave in the morning. Get up 15 minutes early in the morning and involve the family in exercising the pet. 
  • Remember your pet needs exercise in the evening also. As you do in the morning involve the whole family. 
  • Hire a pet sitter who can do daily dog walking or mid-day visits to play and give TLC and a potty break.
  • If your dog is a candidate for doggie day care you might consider enrolling for at least a few days a week.


2014-12-06 19.26.18Remember your pet depends on you to keep him/her mentally and physically stimulated.

Guardian Pet Sitters has openings for mid-days or dog walking customers in The Colony, Castle Hills, Frisco, and West Plano. We look forward to helping you with your pets!