a cute black puppyWe at Guardian Pet Sitters® believe that a name really does mean something. When we first began in 1992 we thought about why we were starting the company and what our role would be with our clients and the community. We think that our history shows how important a “name” really is.

Look at the meaning of the name “Guardian”: to protect, guard, watch over, and be the custodian. When you look up the word “custodian” in the thesaurus one of the meanings is “animal keeper” . Guardian Pet Sitters® provides your pet and home with security. We protect them by watching over and providing attention, love and detailed services when you are not available. We are custodians-we have the care of your pets and property as our assignment.

Guardian Pet Sitters® is built to last! We want our company and the services we offer to be available for future generations. We have built our company on a foundation that has withstood many obstacles. Throughout our eighteen years in business we have seen other colleagues close their doors because of these obstacles.

We believe our foundation is all in the name!

G GIVE quality care to pets.
U UPHOLD the commitment of being a professional and giving excellent client/animal service.
A Keep the clients’ name, address, e-mails and phone numbers ANONYMOUS.
R RESPECT and work as a team with my fellow professional pet sitters.
D BE DEPENDABLE and responsible at all times.
I Conduct business with INTEGRITY and honesty.
A Strengthen your ABILITY through on-going training (Pet Related Seminars, Public Lectures, Videos, Volunteer Work, In-House Certification Program, Reading and Internet Resources.
N It is a NEVER-ENDING responsibility to be thorough, conscientious and helpful to our clients, always going that extra mile to make them satisfied!