Detecting pain in your cat is no easy task!

How well do you know your cat?

Detecting pain in your cat is no easy task! As ancestors to the big cats of the wild, our fancy felines can mask their pain very well. In fact, that’s one way cats in the wild protect themselves from their predators. In the wild, pain is a sign of weakness and easily detected by other animals in the wild! Even though our housecats no longer live in the wild, they still exhibit many of those same adaptations that kept them safe as cats of the wilderness.

As a cat parent, that can pose a problem as pain is an indicator that’s something wrong. So, what’s a cat parent to do? Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how you can detect pain in your cat!

Detecting pain in your cat comes down to this: Know your cat. Understanding your cat is key to detecting whether or not he’s in pain.

If you notice any of these changes, immediately schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic:

Grooming. Too much grooming such as excessive licking or neglecting to groom altogether.

Appetite. Drinking or eating too much or too little.

Sleep cycle patterns. Sleeping more or less than usual or not sleeping at all. Cats are creatures of habit – especially when it comes to their sleep cycle. Any change could signal pain and /or illness.

Panting. Cat’s don’t usually pant so that’s a clear indicator something’s not right.

Litter box issues. Missing the litter box, urinating too much or not at all. Any litter box changes could mean your cat needs a visit to the vet and could be in pain.

Behaviors. Be mindful of any and all behavior changes. Changes in mannerisms, affection, daily habits, energy, playfulness, aggression or any other changes could be a red flag that something is wrong.

Be aware of any changes you notice in your cat. Your cat depends on you as his loving and faithful owner to advocate for him when he’s not feeling up to snuff. If you notice any changes, don’t delay in getting him seen by the vet. Always question when your cat strays from his “status quo”, whatever that may be. It could mean the difference between life and death.