Kato on my pillows

Kato will have to learn how to share MY PILLOWS!

I love dogs. That is actually kind of obvious! But I really love dogs. Like so many pet lovers if I could I would adopt ALL THE DOGS! But Kato would not be happy with that.

It isn’t that Kato doesn’t like other dogs. He really loves playing with his dog cousins, and meeting new friends. But Kato is kind of like me… he likes being able to come home and be alone. At least for a little bit!

Never mind that he isn’t too fond of me paying attention to other dogs. He tolerates me coming home smelling like other dogs (I get the “how could you!” face often). But if I spend too much time with my sister’s chihuahua on my lap then he is there trying to make room for him.

So for now we are just a party of two…. but one day he’ll have to learn how to be a big brother. And I’m sure with lots of love (and plenty of treats) he’ll transition well!