Corgi Puppy

The U of our name is UPHOLD the commitment of being professional and giving excellent client/animal service. Guardian Pet Sitters® shows professionalism in many ways. We are building our company to provide excellent service to our clients and pet sitters. We are constantly looking at ways we can enhance our company!

The commitment of being a professional is of utmost importance to us. We think it starts in our people. We look for people who have a serving heart, who are reliable, honest, able to work on their own, who want to learn and grow, and of course a LOVE for animals. We offer our pet sitters an in-house certification program to enhance their knowledge and skills. We cover various topics from different types of animals, illnesses, and behavior to security and customer service training. We want our pet sitters to be knowledgeable and ready for anything they may encounter while pet sitting!

We show our professionalism in the setup of the company and our backup system. Life happens even to pet sitters! We can get sick, have family emergencies, have car wrecks etc. and if life happens our structure allows us to continue our service without compromising the service. We know those who are operating on their own have to rely upon family, friends or another pet sitter operating on their own for back up. We are not sure how that works if the pet sitter is in a car wreck and critical, does the family want to be pet sitting and not at the bedside? Or how does another pet sitter add more visits to an already booked schedule? At Guardian Pet Sitters® our backup system comprises of having two or more pet sitters in an area. In addition, if the pet sitters are not able to step in we have our Director of Operations and if needed the owner. You can say we have our clients well covered!

How do we give excellent client/animal service? For our “human” clients treating each and every visit as if it is the last we are doing before they return. For our furry and feather friends it is spending time, providing for all the necessary needs of the pet but also to play, give love and attention.  How can we accomplish this?  We don’t overbook our pet sitters and we allow the TIME needed to do each visit.

We value our clients and pet sitters that is why we have built our company on professionalism and excellent service.