I bribe my dog. I’m not afraid to admit that. Some people call it positive reinforcement. I ask him to do something in exchange for a tasty nibble. He does it…

But only if the treat is of high enough value.

That’s right. Kato will hold out for something better. It started in training class. He would go up to the other humans in our class and do tricks for them. They had better treats then I did. So I had to get better treats. It kept him focused on me… or at least the treat. My trainer suggested offering a mix of high and low value treats. Kato wasn’t falling for it. He knew the value of his tricks, why would he accept a dry biscuit when he could be having a jerky piece? It is just good sense.

He does it with his toys too. Does he want to play with rubber squeaky toys? No. But the lobster with the sound chip in it, that is the toy for him. I’m sure every dog has preferences, but Kato wants to be on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I don’t have the heart to tell him that it isn’t going to happen.

Is this my fault? Yeah.  Now I have a spoiled dog with fancy tastes. But you should see the dance he’ll do for a ginger snap.

Kato only plays with the finest toys.

Kato only plays with the finest toys.