Black Cat in a BagCats are fickle creatures. I think most people know that! I’ve bought plenty of cat toys only to have them be completely ignored. The cats I know always seem to prefer toys that aren’t actually toys. So I have complied a list of the favorite non-toys that the cats I have encountered enjoy. Make sure that any object your cat decides to play with is safe before you let them loose with it.

Wadded up receipts – A classic, plus the cat can make their own fun!

Milk Jug Tops – Easy to bat, and unpredictable.

Toilet paper tubes – Cats like to stick their whole arm through these.

Paper Sacks – You can never go wrong with these.

Shoestrings – Interactive, and expandable. Add a feather and make it that much better.

Rubber Bands – Springy and mobile, what is not to like?

Fish Oil Pills – No kidding! I know a cat that likes to knock fish oil pills around in the sink.

Dog Tails – I know a few cats that like to swat dog tails for fun.

Shoes – These carry scents and are fun to try and hide in.

Bugs – Any type of bug! Cats are interested in those tiny moving things.

This is just a tiny list. Cats are clever and will play with just about anything. What non-toy does your cat to play with? Do they have a favorite?