We all start out the new year getting organized-house-children-work but have you gotten your pet’s information organized? What if you had an emergency and someone had to step in to care for your pets-would they know what food and medicine to give to your pets?

Here are some tips to help you get your pet’s information organized.

1. Do you have a conveniently located file for your pets Medical Records?

2. Do you have a list of medications and what food your pet eats, including treats?

3. Has your pet had an updated annual wellness check?

4. When was the last time your pet had its teeth cleaned?

We have several  clients who keep 3 ring binders with all their furry family members information (food, toys, medicines, treats) along with pictures and medical records. They keep it updated throughout the year so all one has to do is pick up the binder and they know everything they need to know.

Establishing your pet’s file is a way to keep all their records updated so that you are able to make decisions on what is best for your pet

And remember in an emergency, it is important to have your pet’s records handy and current.

We want to be informed pet owners and play an active role in helping our pets be healthy and happy.

While we are on this topic, let’s talk about you. This is a great time for you to put all your medical records together! You will not be guessing or, in the event of an emergency, a family member won’t be guessing what medications you take, what medical tests or procedures you’ve had recently and your medical history. This would help your doctor in making the best decision for treatment. Remember, your family and pets depend on you staying healthy!