Cat and Dog CuddlingFor the next several weeks we are going to talk about the goals Guardian Pet Sitters spelled out in “Does A Name Really Mean Something?” We will start with the letter G which stands for “Give Quality Care to Pets.”

Today in the pet sitting business everyone talks about offering quality pet care. We have learned there are various meanings for the word “quality” for those of us in the in-home pet sitting business. Some pet sitters believe that belonging to a professional organization (NAPPS, PSI, APSE etc.) or being bonded and insured provides quality. Others believe that offering various services such as bathing, toe nail trims, selling home-made biscuits, transportation and house security shows they are quality sitters. Still others believe that by having a website, business cards, and hanging out your shingle and calling yourself a business means you give quality care.

Yes, these features are needed when you have a business that offers in home pet sitting. However we believe it does not say you offer “quality” service.

Guardian Pet Sitters believes that “quality” means you spend time with the pet and work to get to know the pet in your care. In order to offer the type of service we consider to be “quality” we believe TIME is very important. To provide “quality” service we do not have our pet sitters rushing from house to house. For example a home with four pets is scheduled more time than a home with one pet. Yes, you pay more because of the extra time but your pets are getting the time necessary to give them attention. The attention the pet gets is what reduces their stress when you are away. We believe the recipe for quality pet care is to have informed pet care providers who enjoy taking care of pets and who are allocated the time needed to spend with the pets.

Another aspect of Guardian Pet Sitters is the model of our company. We have learned from the past that trying to wear all the hats of a business is not wise if you want to do things with excellence. While today multi-tasking is a way of life, it is also a hindrance. Guardian Pet Sitters is built for each person to utilize their talents in the assignment they do. Our pet sitters are not dealing with various aspects of running a pet sitting business, so they can focus on each pet visit while the operations of the business are handled by the staff in the office. We think this is another important ingredient to the recipe of “quality”.

If you are looking for a pet sitter ask how much time they spend in the home per visit and how many visits a day they are typically doing. Remember TIME is needed to pay attention to the pets. We believe that our service is much more than feeding, watering and scooping litter boxes; it is about building a relationship with the pet.